Two brothers emigrated from Germany to Wisconsin more than 160 years ago, George Schardt in 1851 and Peter Schardt in 1854.

From these two young men have grown six generations of Schardts, Bakers, Bellinghausens, Bentons, Burbas, Butlers, Cramers, Crawfords, Dobrichs, Gagliones, Harrens, Holdmanns, Houdeks, Hustons, Igos, Johnsons, Kasseckerts, Kellys, Knolls, Lekmans, Leonards, Littles, Lodes’, Lorenzens, Meyers, Munsons, Patersons, Pinskes, Ribners, Rooneys, Schaubles, Schumachers, Spohnholtz’, Strelkas, Truogs, Wileys, Williams’, Willis’, Windhams, Zandts, Zorzys, and more.

In Memory of

Joyce Thomas Schardt


Joyce, wife of Ron Schardt and mother of Ron, Ken, and Cheryl, passed away May 28.

Ron is the son of Florian and Helen Schardt.



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